GIADA is a not-for-profit industry trade association that has been the voice of Georgia's independent auto dealers since 1955. GIADA is committed to representing, educating, and informing Georgia’s most successful independent motor vehicle dealers. Dealers turn to GIADA to provide them solutions and answers to business related questions and consumer related questions.

Currently, there are approximatly 1,800 GIADA members, 1,630 licensed auto dealers and 170 companies who offer products and services to Georgia auto dealers. Our primary purpose is to identify and address the legal and legislative issues that confront the used car industry in Georgia. But we do much more.

Through GIADA's impressive network of a wide variety of companies who support our industry, our members enjoy pre-negotiated discounts on products and services they need to be successful in the car business. Access GIADA Dealer Provider Directory. These services include, but are not limited to auto auctions, insurance companies, legal advice, and advertising. All members recieve two coupon books containing about $38,000 in real discounts. To review the 2010 GIADA Coupon Book, click here. GIADA also maintains a large inventory of legal forms dealers need to conduct business. Members receive a 30% discount on all forms. Members also enjoy discounted rates on all GIADA training programs, or sometimes can attend for free.

niadacmykGIADA is a proud affiliate of the (NIADA) National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. GIADA members are automatically members of NIADA so they receive many more additional benefits. One "key" benefit is legislative support on the Federal level. NIADA lobbyists are watching our backs by monitoring Federal legislative issues and providing every member a voice at the Capital. NIADA members also receive the popular Used Car Dealer Magazine monthly and enjoyed other pre-negotiated discounts on products and services.

GIADA Dealers subscribe to a Dealer Code Of Ethics to insure professionalism and honesty while dealing with their customers. Code of Ethics

GIADA publishes a bi-monthly magazine, The Independent Auto Dealer News. Our association also hosts an annual convention and trade show. Our association is responsible for significant legislative contributions and successes along the way that have much improved the auto industry for every dealer in our great state. View GIADA Member Testimonials

GIADA conducts various training seminars and workshops. For new dealer applicants wanting to obtain their dealer license, GIADA's state certified pre-license seminar is the very best available. We teach three pre-license seminars per month. These are 4-hour classes and are required in order to obtain a used vehicle dealer license in the state of Georgia. Since 2002, GIADA has had over 7,000 new dealer candidates attend its pre-license seminar. Read more about GIADA Pre-license Seminars

GIADA is also state certified to conduct continuing education (CE) seminars for existing dealers renewing their dealer license every two years. We have the best professional trainers teaching this class. Since GIADA began teaching these classes in 2003, we have had over 8,000 dealers attend this state required 6-hour seminar. See continuing education venue location and schedule of classes.

The Staff at GIADA works very hard to provide exceptional service to its members. We are always available to help dealers succeed in the car business, and we relentlessly support the hard working companies who serve our industry, and our association. In fact, no other association offers more to its Associate Members than GIADA. Read About Associate Member Benefits

GIADA Accomplishments GIADA was either responsible for, or directly involved with the passing or blocking of laws which have greatly impacted Georgia used car dealers, their businesses and their very future. GIADA has also experienced significant growth in membership in the last few years. We have grown from 1,000 members in January 2002 to over 2,000 members today.
We are systematically attacking Georgia's "Curbstoning" problem and have been since the anti-curbstoning statutes went into effect on July 1st, 2007. These statues address illegal and un-licensed sales of used vehicles. They also protect the livelihood of our members who are law abiding citizens and entrepreneurs trying to do it right.
Curbstoning is to take some hard hits in our state. Our association, and our lobbyists successfully pushed HB-144 through the 2007 Legislation resulting in a new code section 40-2-39.1taking effect after July 1st, 2007. This new law gives all law enforcement officers the authority to have these vehicle on display illegally towed at owners expense.
The law also allows for citations of up to $1,000 and/or up to 12 months in jail! Read more about the curbstoning laws.